Trude Kreibich

A live for art

1933 to 1936 - she worked as an interpreter in a Viktoria AG porcelain manufactory near Karlsbad.

1936 - she married Dr. Herbert Kreibich in Kaaden. 1940 and 1943 her daughters, Edda and Ursula, were born.

1945 - the family has to leave their homeland and flee to Germany. The family went on to settle in the region of Heidelberg – Ludwigshafen - Weinheim for 30 years.

1955 - Trude Kreibich embarked on an intense period of painting. She took lessons from teacher and painter Prof. Bernhard Epple at Heidelberg University. It was at that time that she devoted herself fully to her artistic career and would continue to do so for thirty years or so.

1972 - the artist's first exhibition. It would be followed by around a hundred solo or group exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, France and England.

1976 - she continued with her painting career and travelled with her husband to the United States, South Africa, Australia, Hawaii, La Réunion, the Canary Isles and Madeira. This multitude of landscapes and atmospheres enriched her artistic creativity.

1980 - the artist settled once and for all in Montreux at her husband's side until her death in 2012 at the age of 102.

1981 - Trude Kreibich received an honourable mention at the Salon des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in Paris.

1992 - she was awarded 1st prize for her watercolours at Leek Arts Festival in Leek, England

Creative and literary

1910 - 9 June, birth of Trude Kreibich, 2nd child in a family living in Kaaden, a town in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire.
She enjoyed a happy childhood and quickly demonstrated her creativity and artistic talents, painting the best drawings in her class and playing the piano with passion. Later on, at the Château Choteschau boarding school near Pilsen, she would go on to choose modern literature, painting and piano as her core subjects. She wanted to become a concert pianist but studied foreign languages.

1931 - Trude Kreibich graduated in French, English and Literature from the German university in Prague.

Trude KreibichTrude KreibichTrude Kreibich