Trude Kreibich

06.11.2019 au 10.11.2019
Montreux art Gallery - MAG 2019

A selection of works by Trude Kreibich will be on display in the exhibition centre's gallery space.

Most important exhibitions

2015   Montreux Art Gallery, 11th Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland

2014   Montreux Art Gallery, 10th Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland

2013   Montreux Art Gallery, 9th Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland

2010   Exhibition for Trude Kreibich's 100th birthday at the Picpus Gallery in Montreux, Switzerland

2007   Exhibition with the town cultural office and municipal library in Weinheim, Germany

2001   NOVA VITA Forum in Montreux, Switzerland

2000   Exhibition for the Swiss Institute for Art SIK at the Galerie Stuker in Zurich, Switzerland

1993   England’s Art Gallery, Leek, England

1992   Castelmont, Prilly-Lausanne, Switzerland

1990   Heidelberg Municipal Hall, Germany

1990   Emmertsgrund Community Centre, Heidelberg, Germany

1989   Auvergne International Biennial, Châtel Guyon, France

1986 - 1991 International Arts Guild at the Leek Arts Festival, Leek, England

1984   Villa Streccius in Landau, Germany

1980 - 1987 Société des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais Paris, France

1980   Galerie 58, Berne, Switzerland

1978, 1979  Siemens AG, Erlangen and Munich, Germany

1978   Galerie d’Art Hélian, Montreux, Switzerland

1978   Exhibition in Bad Bergzabern casino, Germany

1976   Exhibition in the Bad Nauheim casino, Germany

1975 - 1985 Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft at the Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

1975   Deutsche Bank, at the National Garden Show, Mannheim, Germany

1972   Bayrische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank, Ludwigshafen, Germany

From 6 November 2019

New Trude Kreibich exhibition from 6 to 10 november 2019 at Montreux Art Gallery - MAG in Congres Center in Montreux.

Avenue Claude Nobs, 5 - 1820 Montreux

Trude KreibichTrude KreibichTrude Kreibich